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Lorri Mediaservice organizes your virtual event with you. Webinars, conferences, corporate events, product presentations, shows, distance learning


Online digital event organization

To adapt to the new event rules think about your next virtual event in complete safety and rely on an experienced team

Are the events of the last few months changing the way you produce your keynote, meeting, conference or show? Here’s how we can organize your super professional virtual event with you.

The value of face-to-face interaction will never fade, but knowing how to walk the path of online events means staying in touch with your community and stakeholders. In complete safety.


Lorri mediaservice offers the necessary support for those who need
to organize events
live online or pre-registered:

  • virtual set with lights and customizable led wall backdrop
  • audiovisual direction
  • preparing connections with guests and collaborators
  • streaming management
  • problem solving

Lorri mediaservice is the organization of online corporate events such as webinars, conferences, product presentations, shows, distance learning

What do you have in mind for your virtual event?
Lorri listens to your needs and offers the best solutions
to boost your events.

What do we offer for your online events?

ico set 1

The set

Creation of a mini set with customizable LCD led walls
and audio-video direction

ico location

The location

At your premises or in a location that meets your specific needs

ico all

And all the rest

Event filming and management of your content to be transmitted (slides, keynotes, graphics, videos)

We create your virtual event,
we broadcast it live
(also translated into different languages)
or we edit it for later distribution

To communicate, interact and involve remotely in a direct and effective way
To make you go on stage and present yourself in your best version

Some frequently asked questions / answers about the organization of virtual events or online events

concretely, where does the shooting take place?

Filming can be carried out at your company or in another location, after checking the technical possibilities of the place (current, connection).
Near our headquarters in Modena, two locations that we suggest are OFF or the Michelangelo Theater .

how much space do we need to organize in my company?

This depends on how big the ledwall is to mount. To consider that the ledwall needs to be ballasted at the back to stand up safely, therefore it needs at least 1 free meter behind for screens up to 3 meters high and 1.5 meters for screens over 3 meters

what is a led wall?

It is a screen made up of many LEDs and each LED is a pixel of the screen. It is thus possible to build screens of any size, extremely bright and performing. One of the main features to check when choosing a led wall is the dot pitch, i.e. the distance between 2 LEDs, which determines the quality of vision: the standard for rental today is 3.9mm, LMS has 3.9 and 2.9mm.

I should be heard by a multilingual audience: is that a problem?

No, there are currently several options: Zoom , which provides a language (not for simultaneous translation, translators are needed for each language), in case of live streaming.
Otherwise we can record the audio of the various languages and edit it later to send it on a deferred basis.

Don’t worry. Be Lorri

We take care of everything for your digital event. We can also offer you:


Art direction and social

Maybe you already have everything. But if you need graphics, communication, press office and social media management services, let us know and we will provide you with our best quote.



Your company already knows what to communicate, but sometimes you need to introduce yourself in the clearest and most compelling way possible, without causing yawns. Ask us about this service.

Since 1997 Lorri mediaservice has been the technical partner of companies, agencies and PA for the realization of events that require audio-video direction, lights, video projectors, installations, monitors and interactive whiteboards, led walls, 3D Mapping.
We offer technologies. state-of-the-art, specialized staff, but above all the advice and experience that allow us to prevent and anticipate all common errors and typical problems of the online or offline event.

All our services

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, involve and amaze
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