Live streaming and social media services

Lorri Mediaservice offers the tools to allow companies to broadcast live events of all kinds. We provide audio-video direction and all the advice you need

At Lorri mediaservice you will find equipment and advice to broadcast all your presentations live

The interactive live streaming service is very useful for reaching and involving people from a distance, training or presenting a remote product live. As Lorri Mediaservice, we rent the equipment to produce direct streaming and corporate following all the technological equipment to put you in a position to broadcast live, for example through the company’s social channels.

We create Youtube and Facebook direct streaming of any type of event (a conference, a meeting, a press conference or a webinar) to involve those who do not physically participate in your event by providing the complete hardware / software equipment. Your audience can interact through public or private chats, becoming an active part of the event itself.

Three things to consider for a successful live stream

A good internet bandwidth available. We will need to make sure the company has a good connection, or provide alternatives.

The number of cameras required, the internal or external direction and the need to view additional slides or videos during the live broadcast

Finally, also pay attention to the audio quality: in some cases it can make a difference.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and find solutions to boost your events.

Lorri mediaservice. Since 1997 we have been creating multimedia experiences to make corporate events and stories more effective with many solutions also for individuals.

Since 1997 Lorri mediaservice offers more generally services of audio video and lighting service and rental to give great impact to events of all kinds. Lorri Mediaservice has, for example, developed deep skills and expertise in videomapping (or 3D Mapping), offering this service for years to large entrepreneurial realities to create spot sets or permanent or semi-permanent installations with a unique flavor. We can also rent everything related to professional video equipment: video projectors, projection screens, interactive whiteboards, video monitors, interactive monitors, stage monitors, led walls, taking care of the management and direction of all the technical aspects of your event.

We are chosen by individuals, agencies and public administrations because we offer cutting-edge technologies, specialized staff, but above all for our advice that allows us to prevent and anticipate all common errors and typical problems of the event. During our long activity we have dealt with managing video rental for corporate and private events, product presentations, shows and trade fairs.

How does it usually work with Lorri Mediaservice?

After you contact us, we will ask you a series of questions to understand the basic needs of your live streaming and social media request. We will analyze the tools available and we will offer you our in-depth analysis.

An inspection is a necessary step to intercept any critical issues, thus preventing inconveniences and unforeseen events.

What about the prices?

Our prices are understandably proportionate to the nature of your request, which as you can imagine can vary a lot, and that is why the value of the consultancy we put in place, immediately serves to offer you the best value for money. provision of a live streaming and social media service.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, involve and amaze
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