Lorri mediaservice

Who we are? We have asked ourselves this many times.

In three words?
Technologists, artisans, creatives. TAC.

We sell or rent tools to tell, involve, amaze. We build visual, sound and multimedia experiences to make what our customers want to communicate more effective and immersive.


We are the support behind the scenes that gives life and personality to your products, your stories, to great little moments to share.

Our mission?

Get you on stage by presenting your best version. It is not an easy thing; being yourself requires courage and a willingness to explore new terrain.

Fortunately we are adventurous by nature, always attentive to the news that can simplify the work of our customers, inspiring us to the things we love most: playing, traveling, living.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and find solutions to give your events an edge.

What can we do for you? It depends.

ico azienda

Are you a company?

Audio-video direction, led wall, audio video service for events and fashion shows

ico agenzia

Are you an agency?

At your side to suggest solutions to amaze your customer

ico privati

Are you a private individual?

Audio and lighting rental solutions for parties, weddings and private parties


Who are we addressing?

We communicate in the same way with the Pro Loco or with the CEOs of listed companies, with the person who wants to organize a party or with the manager of a museum or institution or foundation.

And also with you who are reading these lines. Go to the bottom of the page or to the contacts page and tell us what you have in mind.

What do we have more than others?

The experience, the attitude of problem solvers, the knowledge of the world of entertainment and fashion but above all the value of our consultancy, the result of an experience that has its roots in the year in which a computer beats for the first time a great chess master. Guess what? Yep, that’s that year.

Tired of reading and would you like to see some of our works?

More than fair. Over the years we have made many.
Here are the most significant for each type.

Contact Lorri

Lorri Mediaservice srl
via Emilio Salgari, 29
41123 Modena IT
tel. + 39 059 313094
P.Iva: 03067550362


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