Audio system rental

Lorri mediaservice is the rental of professional audio equipment for
events, ceremonies, meetings, fashion shows and indoor and outdoor shows

Are you looking for someone to offer audio equipment rental for your party
or your corporate event?


Lorri Mediaservice is available for all your needs. For corporate events, public or private, small or large. For example, do you need DJ equipment ? Here you can find it.

As you can immediately imagine the supply of audio equipment can vary, sometimes even very much, depending on the type of event you plan to organize: a convention, a trade fair presentation, a marriage, an ‘eighteenth’, a concert, a book presentation or a cultural event.

The offer for the rental of audio equipment for your event may as you have understood be influenced by many factors.

What do we need to know to provide you with the best audio equipment rental offer?
First of all, take into account that the evaluation of the space in which you will host your event is fundamental. To provide you with our best quote for a rented audio system we need to understand if there may be more or less sound dispersion.

We will also ask you whether it is an open or closed space, if there are any constraints to be respected, or even the number of participants in the event determines our choices to provide you with the right power and conformation for your needs, without overestimate it or underestimate it.

This is to say that as our modus operandi we care about providing you with the audio system tailored to your needs, without making you spend unnecessary money, let alone disappoint the expectations of your guests.

ico azienda

Are you a company?

Audio-video direction, led wall, audio video service for events and fashion shows

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Are you an agency?

At your side to suggest solutions to amaze your customer

ico privati

Are you a private individual?

Audio and lighting rental solutions for parties, weddings and private parties


Lorri mediaservice. Since 1997 we have been creating multimedia experiences to make corporate events but also parties, concerts and parties unforgettable.

Depending on your needs, whether it’s a private event or a convention or a presentation, we can provide you with various types of audio speakers, consoles, microphones, audio mixers, cable ducts and all the equipment necessary for a professional audio rental, complete and tailored to your real needs.

As Lorri Mediaservice we have been operating professionally on the market since 1997, investing in technologies and training personnel operating in technical services for entertainment and training, especially in the rental of audio systems.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, involve and amaze
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