Audio video lights service for shops

Lorri Mediaservice is a quality choice in service
audio video lights for commercial businesses

We assist with consulting, design and implementation of small and large businesses


Lorri Mediaservice is a quality choice in the audio video lighting service for shops.

From the small shopkeeper to the large shopping center, Lorri Mediaservice assists clients who need both fixed installations and rental solutions for inaugurations or commercial moments with consultancy, design and implementation.


The technical-artistic partner who provides the customer with what he really needs. Nothing less and nothing more.

ico azienda

Are you a company?

Audio-video direction, led wall, audio video service for events and fashion shows

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Are you an agency?

At your side to suggest solutions to amaze your customer

ico privati

Are you a private individual?

Audio and lighting rental solutions for parties, weddings and private parties


Choose the right audiovisual and lighting equipment for an inauguration or anniversary. Here you will find advice, installation and assistance.

Having the right audiovisual and lighting equipment is crucial in the success of a business or a particular moment in its history: inauguration, anniversary or other moments worthy of being highlighted with a sound, visual or lighting design carpet.

How does it work with Lorri Mediaservice?

The first phase is dedicated to listening to your needs, an important moment for us to understand what you have in mind, the objectives you want to achieve, and what weight you want to devote to the actions you have planned through lights, audio or video.

After an inspection by one of our specialized technicians who serves to understand the spaces available but also to take note of the inevitable limitations that can affect our choices, we proceed to formulate the estimate motivating the choices we have made for you based on our long experience in the audio, video and lighting field.

In fact, our policy is to provide you, as an audio video and lighting service for commercial businesses, only what you really need, without underestimating or unnecessarily overestimating the offer.

Once the agreement has been defined, we will then proceed with the design of your event, in which we simulate the conformations and grandeur of the structures, sets, acoustic impact, effects, to have a clear idea of the final result and organize the logistics of the assembly correctly.

Finally, by agreeing on times, methods and timing, we proceed with the installation of what you requested, discreetly trying not to hinder your work and not to spoil anything in front of guests, customers or onlookers.

We hope we’ve convinced you. If you need an audio video lighting service for shops or businesses, maybe we are the right ones for you.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, involve and amaze
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