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Audio video lights rental for parties and weddings


Service and audio video lights rental to make your small or big occasions special

There are many things that must be taken care of by those who, as a private individual, are called to organize parties, weddings, private parties, ‘eighteenth’ birthdays, inaugurations.

Among these, the set-ups and the rental of audio video lights for parties and weddings are certainly of great importance.

Some prefer to improvise, making do with home equipment, but those who want to be calm about the success of the event must rely on a professional audio lighting service. Wondering if we also rent DJ consoles, lights and whatnot? Affirmative!

Since 1997 we at Lorri Mediaservice have been providing all these services (and sometimes much more) listening to your needs and offering you the most appropriate solutions.

At Lorri mediaservice you will find all the audio video lighting equipment and advice you need to organize parties, weddings, eighteenths, inaugurations.
Make your moments special.



In detail, private individuals can usually make us these requests:

  • suggestive lighting with luminous catenary
  • audio system with appropriate speakers
  • microphone rental
  • smoke machines
  • self-supporting screens
  • rgb battery-powered lights (wireless) for stairway lighting
  • special backgrounds
  • RGB LED tables or counters with the possibility of changing color and light intensity via remote control
  • luminous spheres
  • totems / cylinders in lycra to be placed in places with insufficient lighting

Contact us to explain what you have in mind and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and find solutions to give your events an edge.

We are the ideal partner for individuals who want to make their event special

Lorri mediaservice has been offering services for shows and entertainment since 1997 and offers audio video lights rental for parties and weddings

The competence and experience gained over many years in the sector allow us to offer the private complete assistance to identify and manage the audio video lighting system according to needs. </ p > Sometimes requests are special, on special party occasions, when expectations are high.

Are you able – they ask us for example – to illuminate the facade of a villa, castle or palace, or particular architectural elements such as trees and vegetation?

Of course, this is architectural lighting, we’ve been doing it for years . In this regard, we propose solutions with LED technology that allow stunning lighting with color changes, with limited energy consumption.

In addition, these special lights eliminate all unsightly cables and wiring. They have an internal battery that guarantees a long use and the control of intensity and color is done wirelessly in real time.

How does the private event microservice usually work with Lorri Mediaservice?

After you have contacted us we will ask you a series of questions to understand the basic needs of your request for audio lighting service for parties, weddings and private parties.

An inspection, in many cases, is always a step that we recommend in order to map the spaces in which we will have to act, thus preventing inconveniences and unexpected events.

Let's work together

Send us your request, writing us what you have in mind, adding some useful details to provide you, without obligation, our best quote.

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