Audio video lights service for inaugurations

Know-how and problem solving to make your guests live an engaging and never dull experience.

Per l’inaugurazione del tuo negozio
o della tua attività commerciale

Are you looking for an audio-video lighting service for inaugurations, presentations or special moments? Lorri Mediaservice could be the name to contact.

For the inauguration of your shop or your commercial activity, for an exhibition or a cultural event you may in fact be looking for an audio video lighting service or a rental of monitors and LED walls of different sizes, lights to create the right atmosphere and other details that can make your moment special.


Our philosophy is to understand the customer’s needs and provide him with the package that best suits his needs

Technology and know-how, but above all long-term problem solvers

In our long history, we at Lorri Mediaservice have ‘covered’ both large and small events with our audio and video lighting service: from fairs at the inauguration of shopping centers, from a shop at the concert until the presentation of books or public reading.

That’s why we could be the service for you. In fact, for us the philosophy is always the same: understanding the customer’s needs and providing him with the package that best suits his needs.

We can in fact provide you with the right rental solution in terms of sound, images and lighting technology. making your guests live an engaging and never dull experience.

Do you think about the projection of your logo outside or inside your space? It can be done! We only keep in mind, when formulating the offer, if your event will be day or night, if we are subject to various types of constraints and other details that you will provide us in advance in order to be able to formulate our best offer.

Is someone expected to speak or sing at the opening? We cannot guarantee the quality of the artist 😉 but for that technique absolutely yes: you will have all solutions ‘avant-garde to make everything’ portable ‘, with battery-powered speakers, space-saving and aesthetically super, to eliminate unsightly wiring.

We take care of all the details for you. With us you will have no worries.

We rent microphones, audio mixers, DJ console and many lighting solutions.

We try to assemble everything very discreetly in the shortest possible time and in the same way we clear the area quickly (compatibly with the equipment you require, of course).

We aim to give you the best service and make you feel comfortable. In fact, we know from experience that the inauguration of a local or a new business is really demanding for the manager, already struggling with so many problems. With us you will have no worries; tell us your idea, the timing, the goal we have to achieve and you will have the right supply for you.

What if I’m looking for “Wow effects”?

We know how to push the accelerator by creating videomapping that spectacularly project images, animations and 3d graphics on surfaces and objects more or less complexes capable of generating spectacular and engaging visual effects.

Creativity doesn’t have too many limits for us. But for us the philosophy is always the same: understand the customer’s needs and provide him with the package that best suits his needs.

What about the prices?

Our prices are understandably proportionate to the nature of your request, which as you can imagine can vary a lot, and that is why the value of the consultancy we provide, immediately serves to offer you the best value for money for the supply of an audio video lighting service for inaugurations.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, involve and amaze
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