Audio video lights service for corporate events

Partner of the company for successful events, conventions and presentations since 1997.

Multimedia experiences to make corporate events and stories more effective

By choosing the right audio video lighting service for corporate events, much of your success is guaranteed.

Clearly the values to be expressed, the messages to be perceived must come from the customer, who must, however, concentrate only on this and not deal with the technical issues.

At Lorri mediaservice we are the partner of the success of many corporate events, taking care of every technical aspect and collaborating with the marketing department or with the creatives to achieve the set objectives.

But we are even more problem solvers. This is why we never say it can’t be done , but rather we try everything to find a solution.


Since 1997 we have been offering tools to tell, involve, amaze

To make the corporate event unique and engaging

We know how much every corporate event must be able to convey characteristics of uniqueness. It is essential for example for:

  • strengthen the social bonds between internal colleagues and customers
  • retrace the steps of a long company history
  • communicate a green turning point or important corporate social responsibility choices
  • to present an innovative product destined to revolutionize the market

We know how much corporate events of this type must be communicated to those present in a creative and engaging way.

For this reason, as an audio video lighting service for corporate events we are able to provide direction, big screens, ledwalls, interactive whiteboards designing ad hoc systems with integrated management, via tablet, of the entire plant.

At Lorri mediaservice we offer state of the art equipment, expertise and experience.

We are the ideal partner for an audio video lighting service for corporate events, we are the long-experience consultants who work alongside you to create a one-of-a-kind event that enhances the company and its staff.

Since 1997 we have been behind the scenes in the entertainment world, in that of companies and alongside Public Administrations for the realization of their events. In Italy, in the world and also locally in Modena, Italy.

We take care of the technical aspects of events of all kinds, from fashion catwalks to music, from trade show presentations to street parties, from the inauguration of shopping centers, fashion stores, with interesting proposals also for individuals.

They trust us:

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We take care of all the details for you to make your corporate event special.
With us you will have zero worries.

We rent microphones, audio mixers, DJ consoles and many solutions also for your trade fair attendances.

We try to assemble everything very discreetly in the shortest possible time and in the same way we clear the area quickly (compatibly with the equipment you will require, of course).

We aim to give you the best service and make you feel comfortable. In fact, we know from experience that managing a corporate event is challenging for the manager or the marketing department, already struggling with so many problems.

With us you will have no worries; tell us your idea, the times, the goal we have to reach and you will have the right supply for you.

What if I’m looking for “Wow effects”?

We know how to push the accelerator by creating videomapping that spectacularly project images, animations and 3D graphics on surfaces and objects more or less complexes capable of generating spectacular and engaging visual effects.

Creativity doesn’t have too many limits for us. But for us the philosophy is always the same: understanding the customer’s needs and providing him with the package that best suits his needs.

Have you already curated corporate events?

Many, especially for companies in the fashion and ceramic fields. This is the page where you can see some of our works.

What about the prices?

Our prices are understandably proportionate to the nature of your request, which as you can imagine can vary a lot, and that is why the value of the consultancy we provide, immediately serves to offer you the best value for money for the supply of an audio video lighting service suited to your needs.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, involve and amaze
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