Audio lights service for parties and weddings

Lorri Mediaservice provides innovative solutions for the complete success of parties and private events.

Equipment, service and consulting

There are so many things to take into account for a successful party or party with friends. Among these, the scenic aspect is certainly of great importance.

Some prefer to improvise by making do with home equipment, but those who want to be calm about the success of the event rely on a professional audio lighting service.

Since 1997 we at Lorri Mediaservice have been providing this type of service listening to your needs and offering you the most appropriate solutions.

Are you looking for our solutions audio video lighting service for companies?


The technical-artistic partner who provides the customer with what he really needs.
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Are you a company?

Audio-video direction, led wall, audio video service for events and fashion shows

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Are you an agency?

At your side to suggest solutions to amaze your customer

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Are you a private individual?

Audio and lighting rental solutions for parties, weddings and private parties


Would you like to project images and graphics on the wall of the villa hosting your ceremony? It is called videomapping. And we do.

The technical proposals are many.

For audio we will need to understand if it is an open or closed space, if there are constraints to be respected, or even the number of participants in the event determines our choices to provide you the power and the right shape for your needs, without overestimating or underestimating it.

The proposals lights are many, but we can list the most common ones ranging from suggestive lighting with luminous catenary, rgb battery-powered headlights (wireless) for stairway lighting, particular backgrounds, tables, or counters RGB LEDs with the possibility of changing color and light intensity via remote control, luminous spheres, totems / cylinders in lycra to be placed in places with insufficient lighting and many, many other low energy consumption solutions and eliminating unsightly cables and wiring.

With special solutions for special occasions

Then there are requests that are made to us in special party occasions are many because the expectations are high. Are you able – they ask us for example – to illuminate the facade of a villa, castle or palace , or particular architectural elements such as trees and vegetation? Of course, it is architectural lighting or videomapping we have been dealing with it for years.

Lorri Mediaservice offers audio and lighting service for the complete success of parties, weddings, private parties, ‘eighteenth’ birthdays.

How does it usually work with Lorri Mediaservice?

After you contact us we will ask you a series of questions to understand the basic needs of your request for audio lighting service for parties and weddings. An inspection, in many cases, is always a step that we recommend in order to map the spaces in which we will have to act, thus preventing inconveniences and unexpected events.

What about the prices?

Our prices are understandably proportionate to the nature of your request, which as you can imagine can vary a lot, and that is why the value of the consultancy we put in place, immediately serves to offer you the best value for money for the supply of a professional lighting service.

Listen, Play, Wow.

We listen to your needs and provide you with tools to tell, involve and amaze
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