Audio system rental in Modena

Lorri mediaservice is audio equipment rental in Reggio, Modena, Bologna and Lombardy.
DJ console, support service for shows, concerts, private or corporate events.

Lorri mediaservice is audio system rental in Modena, Reggio, Bologna and Lombardy.
DJ console, support service for shows, concerts, private or corporate events


Here you will find everything you need, when you need it, for your event. For the professional, the company, the private individual, the agency and the Public Administration.

Lorri mediaservice provides rental of audio systems in Modena, but also in Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Lombardy.

During our long activity we have dealt with managing the rental of audio systems in Modena for corporate and private events, product presentations, shows, trade fairs, parties or weddings.

You also need to rent professional video equipment such as monitors, LED walls, totems, interactive screens and tables for commercial, corporate, or educational purposes? Lorri mediaservice provides you with many products for every need.

We are known as the technical-artistic partner who provides the customer with what they really need: nothing less and nothing more. Our goal is to accompany the client in the development of his idea and its translation into a success for everyone.

Are you looking for someone to offer audio equipment rental for your party, your event?

Lorri Mediaservice is available for all your needs. For public or private events, small or large. Do you need DJ equipment in Modena, Reggio, Bologna or Lombardy? Here you can find it.

The supply of audio equipment can vary, sometimes even a lot, depending on the type of event you plan to organize: a convention, a trade show presentation, a wedding, an ‘eighteenth’, a concert, a book presentation or a cultural event.

Here are the services we can offer you. In Modena but also Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Lombardy.

We follow you in all phases of the work, from design to implementation, providing you with the best technology to make the communication of your product to the visitor effective.

Are you interested in our rental solutions? Here’s what we can offer you:

Our prices

They are understandably proportionate to the nature of your request, which as you can imagine can vary a lot, and that is why the value of the consultancy we put in place immediately serves to offer you the best value for money for the supply of equipment rental professionals for audio, video, lighting in Modena.

As our modus operandi we care about providing you with the audio system tailored to your needs, without making you spend unnecessary money, let alone disappoint the expectations of your guests.

Depending on your needs, whether it is a private event or a convention or a presentation, we can provide you with different types of audio speakers, consoles, microphones, audio mixers, cable ducts

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Send us your request, writing us what you have in mind, adding some useful details to provide you, without obligation, our best quote.

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