Which speakers to choose for corporate or fashion events, or for use in theaters or auditoriums? The ones we recommended already four years ago were used by singer Adele in a recent concert of her! “Yet they seem so small”, they told us.

We were among the first in Italy to offer Syva loudspeakers, and a short time ago we also saw them at work in an Adele concert at the end of 2021! But let’s go in order.

As an audio service based in Modena, Italy, we have always been used to answering many technical questions and dispelling doubts. What are the best speakers for corporate events? I would like some discreet speakers for my fashion show, something design but powerful… Something that impresses but doesn’t stand out too much!

As you can guess, audio service is not an easy job. Lorri mediaservice has always been attentive to every new product to be proposed for the different, indeed very different needs and it happened to us that in 2018 we began to propose a very innovative type of acoustic diffuser: we are talking about Syva by the French L-Acoustics.

Quali-casse-scegliere-per-eventi-corporate-o-di-modaSyva, the new reference for public address systems, is equipped with six speakers for the mid-bass and three for the high frequencies mounted in a waveguide with a progressive curvature in the shape of a “J”.

Syva boasts an innovative transducer system called “colinear source” allows you to have a directivity model (H / V) of 140 ° x 26 ° (+ 5 / -21 °) optimized to offer exceptional coverage and a range of 35 meters.

The french friends of L-Acoustics presented it to us as an excellent solution for corporate events, fashion shows and fairs but also for the use of sound reinforcement in theaters and auditoriums. Syva can in fact be installed on the wall, on a stand, hung, positioned on its base or mounted on one of the dedicated subs, thanks to the automatic connection system. In addition, to adapt to any type of environment.

Even at an Adele concert?

“Adele One Night Only” was the concert held by the most famous british singer in the world at the suggestive Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles on November 14, 2021.
Here is a still image offered to us by our web director where you can see the Syva speakers that Lorri mediaservice told you about four years ago. It was a very special concert, first of all because it took place on the steps of an observatory located on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood, in Griffith Park, from which it is dominated From the building you can admire the view of Los Angeles Hollywood, Downtown and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest.

We saw this concert with great pleasure on Sky Go and streaming on NOW. The US special garnered the highest ratings for an entertainment show this year.

And from today it will be easier to guide the choice of our customers that these speakers are the top not only for corporate events, but also for concerts with characteristics dictated by anti-covid restrictions.