The organization of digital events or virtual events is becoming increasingly popular.

Even before the pandemic, virtual events or digital events had begun to be part of the marketing programs of many companies. Today we can say that they have become part of the marketing agendas of many companies.

Lorri mediaservice is their partner for the organization of professional live or pre-registered online events. In a 2020 that has seen many of our activities slowed down, we wanted to see ahead by investing in the knowledge of virtual event techniques (or digital events / smart events) and direct streaming .

Lorri mediaservice creates engaging and exclusive corporate online events, functional to your business. If you are looking for a partner for the organization of your event who will make available the virtual set with lights and customizable led wall backdrop , audio-video direction, preparation of connections with guests and collaborators, streaming management and problem solving, entrusted to us. 


Do security measures prevent the holding of business meetings, conventions, conferences, product presentations, shows? Here’s how we can organize your super professional virtual event with you

The value of face-to-face interaction will never fade, but knowing how to walk the path of online events means staying in touch with your community and stakeholders. In complete safety. Lorri mediaservice is the organization of online corporate events such as webinars, conferences, product presentations, shows, distance learning.

For some companies, virtual events are understandably a new concept. We help you to cope with the difficulty of physically moving to communicate, interact and involve your audience from a distance in a direct and effective way. & nbsp; At your company or in a chosen location, we create a set with microphones, led wall or blue screen and audio-video direction and we make you go on stage in your best version:

    • in real time or live 
    • Retransmission or Live Playback 
    • Pre-registration 

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Don’t worry. Be Lorri

We take care of everything for your digital event. We can also offer you the art direction of the event to take care of every detail by coordinating with your official communication, planning, technical coordination and complete organization of the digital event and finally a storytelling consultancy, web strategy and social media management.

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