Online business meetings are an increasingly widespread reality. (Not only) in Italy, Lorri mediaservice has long specialized in these types of communication and provides all the tools for companies that want to carry out remote meetings of all kinds.  For example, in September 2021 Lorri curated the live streaming of Acimac

ACIMAC is the association of Italian manufacturers of plants, machines, equipment and semi-finished products, raw materials and services for the ceramic industry (tiles, sanitary ware, tableware), bricks and refractory materials. ACIMAC  associates the majority of italian companies in the sector, from medium-small to larger ones. The greatest concentration is found in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, seat of the most important production district in the world.


Sector of ceramic machines in strong recovery

Acimac ‘s need was to organize an online business meeting from the prestigious location of Acetaia Leonardi .

A few minutes from Modena and immersed in the green vineyards of the Corte dei Campi Macri di Magreta, the Acetaia Leonardi is a perfect location for events of all kinds. And also streaming events. The opportunity was certainly to share the news of a growing turnover in the first half of 2021 for the ceramic machinery sector in the first 6 months of 2021.

The change compared to the first half of 2020 (when companies discounted the national lockdown between March and April and a slowdown already underway in investments in capital goods) is equal to + 53.9%. The most comforting data, however, derives from the comparison with the pre-pandemic period: the turnover of the first half of this year in fact marks a + 12.8% compared to the first 6 months of 2019, a particularly significant trend for the entire sector that can hope for a real turning point in 2021, after years of decline.

The main destination area for Italian ceramic machines is still the European Union (for 27.9% of total turnover). China / Hong Kong / Taiwan is the only macro-area that, with + 57.6%, records an increase in turnover compared to 2019. As regards the domestic market, in 2020 it is equal to 392 million, with a -16, 1% compared to 2019.


The need for online business meetings for the ceramic sector

The interactive live streaming service is very useful for reaching and involving people from a distance, training or presenting a remote product live. As Lorri Mediaservice we rent equipment to produce direct corporate streaming following all the technological equipment to enable you to broadcast live, for example, through the company’s social channels.

The sector of Italian manufacturers of machinery and equipment for ceramics is the largest and most significant industrial system in the world for supplying the ceramic industry and we at Lorri are very proud to support it with our experience in organizing live streaming for companies.

Lorri Mediaservice offers the tools to enable companies to broadcast live events of all kinds. We provide audio-video direction and all the consultancy that companies need to communicate. Even from a distance.

We create Youtube and Facebook direct streaming of any type of event (a conference, a meeting, a press conference or a webinar) to involve those who do not physically participate in your event by providing complete hardware / software equipment.

Your audience can interact through public or private chats, becoming an active part of the event itself.


Are you planning to create a streaming event? Online business meetings? Ask us for information.

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