New Lorri Mediaservice website. Because 2020 was in many ways a particular and – we hope – unique summer. So we took the opportunity to put our site back to work, which now presents itself in a new graphic layout full of new content.

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Better show what we have done

One of the main needs we expressed was to give space and visibility to the many jobs we have successfully carried out in our first 25 years of life.

Not all of them, of course, but the most significant ones, those that could for various reasons testify to our long experience in the field of audio video lighting service , at the beginning only in Modena, Bologna and Reggio Emilia, today everywhere.

In our rich portfolio those who visit us today will finally be able to find many rich testimonials, filterable by areas of intervention: installations, led walls, 3D videomapping …

It has been a long job of videophotographic recovery among our archives and on our smartphones, but in the end we are very happy with the selection we offer you.

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A usable and graphically updated site

As happens after entering our children’s rooms after some time, we realized that time (certainly NOT because of us!) Had left behind a certain mess, with a lot of material that was no longer updated and pages that required washing at high levels. temperatures.

We therefore consulted two professionals in the sector, as well as long-time friends, to entrust them with the task of representing us online with a site that is usable and updated both in terms of technology and graphics.

The site was created by customizing a very valid premium WordPress theme such as Divi and took about two months of work.

In the photo the managers of the company; besides Lorri, on the left, you will find Targi and, between the two at the bottom of the image , Andrea Minelli, at a safe distance from the lens of photographer Gino Esposito.

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Many services, many dedicated pages

One of the many needs expressed was to be able to make the many and different services that Lorri mediaservice offers usable. Audio, video, lighting services, sometimes requested individually, other times integrated; often by companies , but also by individuals or by agencies . Sometimes for sale, other times for hire only.

It was – they explained to us – therefore an obligatory choice, even before a choice of SEO, to give life to many pages that told the various services and the different delivery methods: from videomapping at multimedia installations , from service per eventi corporate to offers for the world of private .

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But also knowing how to tell us how we really are

In addition to choosing the right photos and videos, we also asked that the site could tell us how we are, with the characteristics they made us appreciate by our customers. A solid reality of technological artisans , the company’s partner for events, conventions, presentations, fairs, direct streaming .

They briefly told us about on this page . We liked it. What about you?

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And now Lorri social too

The final step of our operation will naturally be that of managing social media in a more compact and continuous way than yesterday. We try, also counting on your valuable interactions.

Here we have our Facebook page for example. Let’s start here!